Syncro green. Adaptive Traffic Control System
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Trafficware, the leader in transportation analysis goes real-time. Let us demonstrate what SynchroGreen can do for your community.

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Why SynchroGreen? SynchroGreen does not wait.

Actuated-coordinated and traffic responsive systems involve adjustments made in reaction to traffic conditions. Signal timing adjustments to actuated-coordinated systems occur through routine maintenance and optimization studies, both take time and money. Traffic responsive systems only select adjustments from predetermined databases, limiting the scope and degree of improvement. SynchroGreen is a proactive solution capable of adjusting traffic signal timing in real-time.

SynchroGreen is the real-time adaptive traffic control solution from Trafficware.


Smooth traffic flow is the result of constant analysis and adjustment. Simply put, SynchroGreen collects relevant traffic/pedestrian data 24/7 and adjusts signal timing in real-time. Whether it's typical traffic fluctuations or uncharacteristic surges due to an accident, road closure, special event, or any other reason, signals are adjusted on the fly. Your community constantly benefits from smooth traffic flow.

SynchroGreen optimizes for maximum progression, balanced service and critical movements.

SynchroGreen does not operate on fixed cycle lengths. SynchroGreen constantly analyzes real-time data to minimize the time period between greenbands. The flexibility of SynchroGreen also allows a user to quickly select system settings to facilitate progression bandwidth, balanced flow, or critical movements.

It's not just about the greenband, SynchroGreen considers side streets and pedestrians too.

Side Street TrafficSynchroGreen makes sure we share the road as best we can. The SynchroGreen real-time system takes in the full view and needs of each intersection then makes adjustments to optimize traffic in all directions. SynchroGreen allocates time to all relevant vehicle and pedestrian phases based on real-time data. This includes foot traffic, which is vitally important to cities that are pedestrian friendly – or striving to become that way.

Cross streets and pedestrians are part of the big picture. Other real-time adaptive control systems are primarily designed to keep traffic flowing down a main thoroughfare, with little regard to what's happening on the cross streets. Using "Transition-less" offset adjustment, a new calculation for the greenband start time is made each period to ensure progression along the main arterial, while minimizing delay along side streets.

All in all, SynchroGreen is a more holistic and safer real-time traffic control solution.