Four reasons SynchroGreen is the new standard in real-time traffic control. Four reasons SynchroGreen is the new standard in real-time traffic control. Four reasons SynchroGreen is the new standard in real-time traffic control.

SynchroGreen seamlessly integrates with Synchro and SimTraffic.

SynchroGreen allows you to "know before you go." Unlike other real-time systems, SynchroGreen allows you to model real-time control and calibrate settings prior to implementation giving you a preview of expected results. Only SynchroGreen provides you this functionality with the ease of Synchro and SimTraffic.


Smart system. Easy start up.

The SynchroGreen Real-time Adaptive Traffic Control System is designed to be the smartest, most powerful traffic control system available. But, you won't see any complexity, because SynchroGreen is also designed for easy start up and reliability. It's what you'd expect from the developers of Synchro and SimTraffic.

SynchroGreen allows you to control your system internally with minimal training.

Continuing Trafficware's tradition of creating intuitive and user friendly solutions, SynchroGreen allows you to control your system internally with minimal training, saving time and budget.

SynchroGreen creates confidence with fail-safe operation.

In the event of hardware failure in the field SynchroGreen will automatically revert to the normal time-of-day operation, including actuated-coordinated mode.

SynchroGreen is compliant with national standards.

SynchroGreen is not a proprietary system. It uses standard NTCIP to make it the most flexible real-time adaptive control system available. This means your engineering staff requires no lengthy training. An additional benefit of SynchroGreen is the ability to turn On/Off the real-time function. You are in control, without the need to contact a third-party to revise or monitor your system. Your traffic signal infrastructure continues to work, only now, it works more efficiently.

Within days your community reaps the benefits of SynchroGreen

The SynchroGreen real-time adaptive control system meshes seamlessly with your current infrastructure and can be deployed quickly. Soon after, your community is reaping the environmental and congestion-relieving benefits of SynchroGreen's real-time adaptive traffic control.

SynchroGreen installs in existing controllers, not beside them.

Unlike other adaptive systems, with SynchroGreen your signal controller is still in charge of the intersection because SynchroGreen's MIB resides within the signal controller itself. SynchroGreen uses standard NTCIP to maximize compatibility with your signal equipment. SynchroGreen is capable of interfacing with NEMA/2070/ATC traffic signal controllers. Since SynchroGreen actually installs in the controller, and not beside it, no proprietary devices (black boxes) are needed within the signal cabinet. Therefore, no rewiring of your signal cabinet is required. With SynchroGreen you don't have to give up valuable space in your signal cabinet for devices that can create new points of failure and maintenance issues.

With SynchroGreen, central management of the system is a choice not a requirement.

A real-time solution shouldn't require that data be processed through an off-site central location. This is costly because you need to install high-bandwidth connectivity from every controller to the central processing center, not to mention the cost of the processing center itself. Not so with SynchroGreen. SynchroGreen gives you the choice of signal management in a much simpler and more economical solution. Rather than requiring central data processing, SynchroGreen can either be managed from a central location or function in a closed-loop environment. Every aspect of SynchroGreen is designed for ease and reliability.

You choose your detection.

Other real-time adaptive traffic control systems require proprietary detection that is not compatible or reusable with any other adaptive traffic control system or traffic control infrastructure. SynchroGreen utilizes the detection technology you prefer; any kind of detection system you choose, from whom you choose. SynchroGreen can even collect data from multiple detection devices at no additional cost.

SynchroGreen requires minimal detection.

Stop bar and advance detection are all that SynchroGreen requires. Other adaptive traffic control systems require extensive detection, including mid-block and departure detection, resulting in high installation costs and ongoing maintenance.

Trafficware can assist you with detection system design.

The location of detectors is important. Trafficware's engineers can assist you to determine the appropriate detection for your project. We will work with the local agency or your consultant to help define the optimal, most cost-effective detection solution for your system.