Syncro green. Adaptive Traffic Control System
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Clear traffic. Clearer air.

When traffic flows, the world around us and above us is cleaner.

Green Traffic

When traffic flows, our communities are much better and much greener places. Millions of gallons of fuel are saved, countless tons of emissions are prevented from ever entering our atmosphere, costly road expansion projects are avoided, drivers and pedestrians are safer and happier.

Efficiently synchronized signals keep vehicles moving in all directions with minimal idling, fewer starts and stops, and shorter travel times. The absolute optimal way to accomplish this is to have signals that will adapt to changing traffic conditions – in real-time. The ideal solution to deliver this level of environmental enlightenment to your streets is SynchroGreen.

The ideal real-time adaptive traffic control solution is SynchroGreen.

SynchroGreen has reduced travel time more than 20 percent, delay more than 40 percent and emissions more than 25 percent. No doubt SynchroGreen helps communities be greener, but SynchroGreen also helps the leaders of our communities do the same by:

  • helping communities enhance green initiatives
  • providing the data that decision makers need to secure funding
  • helping achieve national and regional mobility and air quality goals.

SynchroGreen also allows traffic engineers to devote their energies to other tasks besides monitoring traffic. This saves your community time and money by allowing it to more efficiently allocate resources.

SynchroGreen makes fiscal sense.

It doesn’t just help save the planet, it also helps you save your agency some serious money. The system is designed to work seamlessly with your existing traffic control infrastructure. You can utilize any investment you’ve already made and reduce the costs of deployment.

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